With Kelly O’Keefe Photography we together are creating a piece of art for your home. This is your family, this is your life, and this is what you cherish. It is an honor to be given the opportunity to capture it in a way that will bring you joy not only for the rest of your life but that of your children’s lives as well. 

what to expect 

Starting with a pre-photography consultation, together we plan for your portrait session. We will discuss where the session will take place, the feel of the portraits, what to wear and most importantly how they are going to be displayed in your home. Since this is our eventual goal, we will ask you to provide snapshots of your walls where potential portraits will hang. Every detail is discussed before the photography shoot begins.


My studio is located in Trappe, PA. It features inspiring wall galleries, a workspace for planning and laying out designs, a natural light shooting area, and a comfortable viewing lounge to watch slideshows and discuss your photographic possibilities. We are open from 10-6 pm, Monday through Friday, by appointment. Schedule a visit.